02 Mar 2022



Location: Mauritius
Current role: Managing Director – Clermont Consultants (MU) Limited
One word that best describes how you work: Intensely

1. Born and educated in Mauritius, what do you love most about it?

I was born and educated in Mauritius. I also spent 4 years at University in the US.
Mauritius is a great place to work and live. The country’s economic
development has been visible over the past 20 years. It offers a great work/life balance and is a wonderful place for kids to grow up in.

2. Take us through a recent workday.

A typical workday in Mauritius would be a mix of client meetings, team meetings and interactions as well as time at my desk working on specific client transactions.

3. Who are the people who help you get things done, and how do you rely on them?

The entire team in Mauritius helps me get things done. We are a relatively small team and we all rely on each other.  Our philosophy is for everyone to be able to add value at every level.

4. What is your favourite website?

I don’t have one in particular, just general, business and sports news websites.

5. What to date has been the highlight of your time with Clermont?

We have officially been part of the Clermont Group for just a few months so it hasn’t been that long. So far the highlight was our official launch event in Mauritius. We had a great turn out and that evening was a perfect way to formally start this new adventure.

6. What are you currently reading, or what do you recommend?

I would recommend Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, Nike’s founder. It is a great memoir illustrating the rollercoaster rides of an entrepreneur’s journey.

7. What is your best leadership experience?

I greatly enjoyed setting up DeltaCap (now Clermont Mauritius) and building an amazing team of young and highly competent individuals. We created something out of nothing and it is thanks to this great team that we are making massive progress year on year.

8. What gets you up in the morning?
My 3 kids!

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