02 Mar 2022


INTERVIEW with Colin Moore

One word that best describes how you work: Efficiently

1. As an experienced tax consultant, what do you think makes a truly excellent advisor?

An ability to distil the complicated into an easy-to-understand format. An ability to listen to clients.

2. If you were a waiter, which famous person would you most like to serve?

Interesting question. Someone who was going to give me a decent tip for working efficiently.

3. You have been with Clermont 10 yrs. What to date has been the highlight of your time with Clermont?

The ski trip was fantastic. Equally getting together with everyone at the annual off-site seminars and seeing what a fantastic team exists is a pleasure.

4. How do you deal with conflicting priorities and deadlines?

Work harder into the night and get up early.

5. How do you measure success?

The fact that I still get recommended to provide advice and sometimes wise counsel that is not even tax related. Also the fact that I actually like my clients.

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