Clermont Conscience is an initiative born of our desire to have a positive impact on Clermont’s local communities and the communities in which our clients live, work and raise their families.

It was inspired by our work and close collaboration with families who, often motivated by their younger generations, have now committed to directing and structuring their wealth towards impactful investment and philanthropic goals. Clermont Conscience is our response to the lessons we’ve learned and our desire to share our enthusiasm, experience and know-how with the families we serve.

Clermont Conscience is honoured to support Amy Foundation, a South Africa-based foundation visited by the Clermont Team in 2022

Our Mission

To contribute to a sustainable, cleaner, healthier future for the communities in which we and our clients live and work by two primary means:

The active support by Clermont staff of charities and not-for-profit organisations operating in the local communities where we have offices, most notably Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands, Mauritius and the USA, and in the local communities where our clients live.

Assisting the families we serve to design and implement their own family wealth mission statements that capture how best to sustainably invest and deploy family wealth in a positive and impactful way, whilst ensuring the family’s well-being, values and priorities remain aligned across multiple generations (where we recognise attitudes to investment can often vary).

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and these attract visitors from near and far, however the human impact on these beaches is sadly visible when you see coastlines littered with cigarette butts, beer bottles and single-use plastics. Apart from being unsightly, these items present serious environmental problems impacting the beach environment, marine animals and water toxicity levels to name a few.

On 17 February, the BVI office staff set off armed with bin bags, gloves and an abundance of excited determination to clean-up Brewer’s Bay beach on the northern shoreline of Tortola. The clean-up was hugely successful, with in excess of 10 bags of garbage removed from the beach.

Kronendal Music Academy

Kronendal Music Academy entertained Clermont with their musical talents when the team attended an offsite event in Cape Town in 2022.

Kronendal affords children who may not otherwise have access to the required skills and support to explore the magic of music. We were thoroughly moved by their skills and passion for music.

Borehamwood Foodbank

A Clermont Conscience team of volunteers from Clermont’s UK office attended Borehamwood Foodbank to help with their work providing food support to families living close by the UK office. Clermont’s Co-Founder Jeffrey Margolis was part of that team and noted the following:

The contribution that food banks make to underprivileged people in the UK is well documented and the dedication of the volunteers who organise and run theses food banks cannot be measured.

Therefore, it was a great privilege for a team from Clermont to be able to assist the Borehamwood food bank on what was a very busy Monday morning. The Borehamwood food bank serves approximately 80 families i.e. hundreds of people are dependent on them.

Our tasks were to record the sell by/use by dates on the large amounts of food being received and to place them in the numerous trays for each category of food. It was quite physical but our team rose to the task and excelled themselves particularly in establishing a very effective assembly line for bagging the fruit and vegetables.

The heartfelt thanks and gratitude expressed to us by the organisers were genuine and we all came away uplifted as we knew we had made a difference.”

One Tree Planted

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environmental importance of Clermont Conscience we are honoured to partner with One Tree Planted to re-forest land in Essex, England. In recognition of the ongoing growth and longevity of Clermont’s business we have planted 25 trees for each new entity that we established in the 25th year of Clermont’s business operations, and we are committed to plant 26 trees for each new entity established in this, our 26th year.


Whilst in Cape Town in 2022 some of the Clermont team enjoyed improving their artistic skills by participating in a painting session with Call2Care, which is a non-profit organisation improving the lives of those less fortunate through educational outreach projects and hosting of various events supporting holistic community development projects.

Kronendal Music Academy

Borehamwood Foodbank


Amy Foundation

One Tree Planted

In pursuit of this mission Clermont has enrolled numerous staff members in courses and programs designed to educate on how best to guide both staff and families looking to positively impact their communities and the wider planet in the manner described above.

If you’d like further information on how Clermont supports the various charitable projects, or if you are a family interested in impact investing, please email kim@clermonttrust.com